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Featured On Allure.Com + PREVIEW Your CUSTOM DESIGN

Amy Eve Jo Kelli Bikini featured on
Amy Eve Jo Kelli Bikini featured on

I’ve been great, despite accidentally cutting my own hair into a mullet on Saturday afternoon. If you follow me on Snapchat, then you already know about that misfortune. I must’ve been feeling omnipotent following my AWESOME feature on, and believed I could actually razor cut some pretty yet edgy face-framing layers all by myself. I’m not feeling invulnerable anymore but I’m still very excited, happy, and grateful about it, so do check it out and share on Pinterest or all the other places.

Preview your custom order instantly

I’ve been wanting to add a custom order previewer to the website, ever since it launched, so I’m DELIGHTED that this dream has finally been realized. I’d like all the products in the shop to operate this way, but for now, only the Kelli bikini bralette and bottom have this preview feature. I started with that one because it’s the only look that uses three colors and I’m guessing it’s harder to imagine compatibility of three colors side-by-side, versus visualizing one or two colors in your mind’s eye. So I invite you to play around with different color combinations by simply clicking on whichever color you’d like on the product page, and you’ll see the preview appear instantly.

Here are screenshots of some random combinations I made up, using one, two, or three colors. You think you can do better than this? Then prove it. hehe.

you can pick the same color for all three options. Here, it’s the color “cacao.”
or pick two colors. Here, colors 1 and 3 are “hot pink” and color 2 is “powder pink.”
here’s an example with three colors. Color 1 is “limerick green,” color 2 is “tangerine,” and color 3 is “mint.”


I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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More Unique Than Expected

I love that the baskets are made of reclaimed materials

Did you know that the Amy Eve Jo baskets are made of reclaimed fabric remnants from the garment industry?

That’s the biggest reason I chose to work with this yarn, because I liked saving this versatile material from being tossed in the landfill. However that means that the yarn’s availability is unpredictable. I knew that going in, but I didn’t realize just how limited the supplies were. That means, the baskets in the shop, are actually ONE-OF-A-KIND pieces, making them way more unique than I expected. I suppose that’s the nature of using recycled/reclaimed materials. I liken it to chefs who frequently change their menus based on what they find at the farmers market.

I’m brainstorming on how to best work out a system for handling unpredictably limited products. For now, I’ve implemented a “Waitlist” system to the website. If the item is sold out, the product title will indicate “(Waitlist Only)”. And when you click on that item’s page, you’ll see a button to “Subscribe to waitlist.” When you submit your email address, I’ll email you when the item is available again. Super easy!

On a related note, you can also save your favorite products by clicking on “Add to Wishlist.” This will be available on all products, whether it’s in stock. You’ll be able to see your Wishlist on your “Wishlist” and “My Account” pages. And if you’re not a registered user of the site, the Wishlist will stay active for 30 days.

Love Denim?

Denim is pretty much a part of my daily uniform. I love the stuff! So, I’m totally excited that my favorite things–yarn, denim, and sustainability–have combined in the form of yarn that’s made of 100% recycled denim. I should receive my box of recycled denim yarn in a matter of days, so I’ll let you know how it works out.